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靜物·‧風景  Still life, Landscape

連時維(リェン・シーウェイ)   Shih -Wei Lien    2020   

仍從作品「靜物 · 風景」系列這裡,繼續日常修行和觀察,並記錄於此。





Still based on the thought from my works series „still life, landscape”, I continue to practice my daily rituals and watch them in silence. I try to record the impressions of daily life in my creative work.

Every morning I clean and stretch my body. Then I water the plants placed on the windowsill between two soundproof windows and select a bowl for offering clean water. It looks like the scenery in the faint light, when I see the plants scenery through the windows accompanied by the mountains in the distance outside the windows and the traffic noise on the congested roads. Sometimes, it has suddenly heavy rain in the afternoon. I close the windows quickly. The windows are cleaned by the rainwater, so that the contours of the objects become clearer than before.

Somehow the clear contours of the water bowl and the windows after a heavy rain seems weird to me. I therefore began to blur them by drawing the white curtain to cover some light. Now the scenery is restored and the contours remain gentle and soft as usual.

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