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入口與出口         入口と出口         In and Out

陳郁璇(チェン・ユーシェン)    Yuh-Shyuan Chen   2020   





Most of my types of creation take metal containers as the form of creation, and the container seems to play the role of sculpture around me. Different containers have different expressions and intrinsics. It is a very common function in daily life. It loads and saves objects, quietly in every corner of the home, but for me, the container can carry With many of my memories and memories of a certain event. And by the container corresponding to the relationship between people and objects, there are various conflicts between real and false, soft and hard.


The works in this exhibition use silver as the main material, expressing the unique texture and texture of silver.

The shape of the work presents an organic texture, they are like containers, from here to there, filled with every piece of memory.

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